Lentils, served at Firkin, are a commonly ignored food that has many health benefits. Lentils are very low in fat, offer complex carbohydrates, dietary fiber and potassium as well. These beans also contain the essential fatty acids omega-6 and omega-3. Lentil beans also help to reduce blood cholesterol and contain anti-oxidants found in red wine, tea and other foods. Lentils are beneficial for people who are in danger of developing diabetes; they also provide anti-aging benefits, are heart healthy and can be prepared in a variety of different ways. So, if you’re wondering what you should eat in order to have a healthy diet, the answer is lentils, a superfood offering super health protection! At the Firkin, we offer complimentary serving of lentil bean puree prepared with tomato, basil and roasted peppers with all entrees. Or you can order the lentil bean puree as an accompaniment to your favorite Firkin beverage. So many options to choose from! Stop in to try some today!